Join us for awesome studies on Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings and Sunday evenings and as always, feel free to bring a friend!  

 Sunday Morning Groups

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 All Teen Groups meet at the 9:30 am hour:

9:30 - 9:50am - Everyone meets in Teen Room (#204)

9:50 - 10:20am - Small Group Download Time
6th - 7th graders: taught by Jeff Griffin
8th - 12th grade girls: taught by Jessi Barefield and Colleen Barnwell
8th - 10th grade boys: taught by Pastor Nate Barefield
11th - 12th grade boys: taught by Dave Yommer

Wednesday Nights

 On Wednesday nights, we are discussing the CBE (Community Bible Reading) that we have been doing along with the church.  We begin at 7pm that will be a minimum of 30 minutes. It will be the focal point of the night. Then we will play games similarly to how we have had them on Wednesday nights. This means that some Wednesday nights we may go 5-10 minutes past 8 p.m.